Konstnärshemmet / A home for Artists.

Konstnärshemmet is a work in serial format, a fictional story about a home for retired artists. It is a process based work where the story sometimes breaks out of the text and manifests itself in other ways, such as drawings or other media. Konstnärshemmet  addresses issues of time, work and the impact of work on identity. What happens when we grow old? How is it possible to maintain one’s identity when one is ill and in need of care? Many years ago, a socially resourceful group of artists founded Konstnärshemmet, where Astrid, a textile artist played a leading role. Now Astrid suffers from dementia, and has gone from being a leader to becoming a patient. Her perception of reality has changed, and the line between present, past and future has been obliterated. We also meet Iris, a young artist who works as a temp at the retirement home. Through her eyes, we get an insight into the working conditions of many artists, who, in addition to pursuing their artistic work, typically maintain a ‘bread-and-butter job.’

Konstnärshemmet is produced by LevArt.


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Konstnärshemmet part 1 is available for purchase at Audiatur bokhandel.